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Tour to Coffea Diversa
Specialty Coffee Garden

The largest private collection in the world of coffee species and varieties (varieties, accessions, natural mutations, and cultivars) with more than 700 specimens.

  • To walk through the coffee garden observing the differences among coffe species and varieties.
  • To learn how to make coffee ssedling.
  • To harvest coffee with your own hand (available from September to March).
  • To see how coffee is processed from fresh cherry to exportable green bean (pulping, drying, hulling, grading by weight, grading by screen size, hand sorting of defects, packaging for export).
  • To learn how coffee is roasted in Coffea diversa.
  • To discover different ways to prepare specialty coffee for drinking.
  • To taste the diversity of coffee species and varieties including the coffees awarded at the International Competition of Paris, France.



Tour Days:

Every day of the week



from 10 am to 2 pm



We are located in:

Biolley, near La Amistad International Park