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Our goal is for each of our coffees to taste as close to its natural flavour as possible. With this goal in mind we process our coffee as follows:


our coffee is carefully pulped the same day it is harvested to ensure the preservation of its quality.

We sun-dry our coffee

using raised drying beds covered by plastic tunnels.

Processing Methods

We process our coffees using the three processing methods:

Fully Washed

Pulp and mucilage are removed before drying


Coffee pulp is removed but the mucilage is not removed


Coffee pulp is not removed

Pine Wood Log Warehouse

We store and rest our dry parchment in a specially built pine log warehouse. We believe the thick pine wood logs preserve the quality of our coffee at its best by protecting it against the effects of the high relative humidity.

Hand Sorting

We hand sort all our coffee to pick out any defects.


In order to protect the freshness of our coffee for the longest possible time, we pack our coffee in plastic 10 kg bags and after that we place them inside jute bags..