This is a legendary coffee, it is a natural cross between Bourbon and Typica varieties originated in Costa Rica in the 1930s. It was the most common coffee from the 1940-1970 when the Costa Rican coffee was recognized as one of the very best coffees in the world, this recognition was based on the excellent cup taste of the Montecristo coffee. Montecristo is a tall stature plant in which the branch points on the main stem are widely spaced. Because of its very low yield, Montecristo coffee was completely replaced by the Caturra and Catuai cultivars in the 1970s.

Morphological Characteristics

Tall stature plant
Amplia distancia entre ramas

Branch spacing is wide

Long branches
Beans are slightly bigger than Bourbon beans and a bit smaller than Typica beans
Medium-sized beans, its shape is a compromise between Typica and Bourbon beans
Just like its Bourbon parent, Montecristo has green coloured tips
Branch-bud spacing is wide
Medium size, oval shaped leaves