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Today’s specialty coffee traders, roasters and baristas are experts in roasting techniques,  cupping procedures, drinks preparation, and the different coffee qualities offered from different  countries, unfortunately they lack the knowledge in coffee farming and processing, hence they  have a vacuum in their knowledge as coffee professionals, they are “incomplete coffee men” 

and “incomplete coffee women”. There would not be a coffee industry if there were no coffee  farms and coffee processing, the coffee industry starts at the farms where the coffee is  produced and processed, hence the importance for coffee professionals to acquire knowledge  about these topics. Because of the high degree of competition we see in the coffee industry 

today in which new trading companies, coffee shops and roasteries open shops every day, it is  necessary for coffee professionals to acquire a more deep coffee knowledge in order to  differentiate themselves from competitors.


in a real plantation located in Costa Rica

This is why we are now offering a COFFEE FARMING, PROCESSING & BOTANICAL  VARIANTS CUPPING PRACTICAL TRAINING COURSE. This course is held at Coffea  diversa, a real life coffee plantation that holds the largest private collection of coffee botanical  variants in the world with more than 700 specimens, with a wet and dry coffee mill, with roasting  facilities and cupping facilities. You will be living a coffee farmer’s life during this course.  

By acquiring a greater, deeper, coffee knowledge in coffee farming and processing you will  become a “complete coffee man” or “complete coffee woman”, you will become a complete  coffee professional. By attending this course you will obtain a more intimate knowledge and a  more thorough understanding of coffee, the product you love, the product you have chosen as your business activity. 

This new knowledge will help you improve your business because knowledge is power. It will  help you to speak with your customers about your coffee products in a more confident and  persuasive way and your customers will notice that confidence in you, this of course will have a  very positive impact in your coffee business.

In this course you will not only learn the theory of each topic, but you will be actually learning by  doing with your own hands many of the coffee farm activities that will be covered in this event. 
Specialty coffee roasters should think about their participation in this course as an investment in  their professional careers that will have a significant beneficial effect in their business.

Coffee botanical variants is the next “big thing” in specialty coffee, it is the path to the FOURTH  WAVE and specialty coffee roasters need to be prepared with knowledge to be in a position that  will ensure taking full advantage of this trend. At Coffea diversa you will have access to the  largest private collection in the world of coffee botanical variants –with more than 700  specimens- which makes it the ideal place for you to acquire the knowledge in this topic.

Course topics

Coffee Farming, Processing & Botanical Variants Cupping Practical Training Course


Coffee Farming, Processing & Botanical Variants Cupping Practical Training  Course


Coffea diversa Garden, Biolley, Costa Rica


4 full days, courses start in November, check with us for specific dates


From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Group Size

5-12 persons. We want to keep the groups small so we can give a more  personalized attention to each participant/student.

Cost Fee

US$1,500 per participant. This fee covers 50 hours of training (4 days), the  ground transportation in Costa Rica from the airport to Coffea diversa and from  Coffea diversa to the airport, food and lodge while at Coffea diversa.


The course will be offered in English or Spanish. Translation available to other  languages (Chinese, Korean, etc.)

    • Coffee Genetis: botanical variants & cultivars (you will have access to  the largest and most important private coffee botanical variants  collection in the world). 
    • Coffee seedlings 
    • Coffee Planting 
    • Fertilization 
    • Weed Control Methods 
    • Disease Control 
    • Insects Control 
    • Pruning/Cutback Techniques 
    • Harvesting Techniques 
    • Washed, Honey and Natural processing 
    • Pulping 
    • Sun-Drying/Mechanical Drying 
    • Hulling 
    • Bean Sizing 
    • Weight Separation 
    • Hand Sorting 
    • Packaging 

    Coffee Botanical Variants Cupping workshop, Coffee Cascara Cupping,  Coffee Flower Cupping

Certificate & Handbook

Each student will receive an official participation certificate signed by the  instructor as well as the handbook with copy of the presentations of the topics  covered.


Mr. Gonzalo Hernandez, owner & founder of Coffea diversa


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At the Coffea diversa Garden you will be able to plant with your own hands 5  plants of your favourite coffee botanical variant * (see total list of variants below, some of them might not be available below, when the time comes we  will let you know which variants are available for planting).

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We will take care of  these plants and when they produce coffee, we will collect it, process it and  send it to you if you wish (the production will be 2-3 Lbs of green bean per  year).

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We will put a sign with your name in the plot where you planted your 5 plants.  This will be like having your own, small coffee plantation in Costa Rica.

*To plant your own coffee plantation you can choose one of the following botanical variants: 

  • Laurina (Bourbon Pointu) Red 
  • Laurina (Bourbon Pointu) Yellow 
  • Montecristo Red 
  • Montecristo Yellow 
  • Montecristo Pink 
  • Geisha Red 
  • Geisha Yellow 
  • Purpurascens 
  • Bourbon Rey Red (King Bourbon Red) 
  • Bourbon Rey Yellow (King Bourbon Yellow) 
  • Bourbon Longberry 
  • Cioccies 
  • Villa Sarchí Red 
  • Villa Sarchí Yellow 
  • Dilla Alghe  
  • Maragogype 928 Red 
  • Maragogype 928 Yellow 
  • Maragogype 928 Pink 
  • Murta 
  • Rume Sudan 
  • Mokka Red 
  • Mokka Yellow 
  • Cioccies 
  • Ghimbi 
  • Liberica
  • Etc.

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