Coffee farms all over the world are characterized by the fact that they are generally mono-varietal plantations, in other words, they plant just one botanical variety or cultivar, normally Caturra, Catuai, Catimor, Typica, or Bourbon.In the case of Coffea diversa we grow many different rare coffees in our garden, in fact we have the largest private coffee collection in the world with over 200 coffee species, botanical varieties, mutants, and cultivars so far. So, like in a conventional flower garden in which you find many types of plants producing many different types of flowers, in our Coffea diversa garden you will find many different types of rare coffees, that’s why we say: WE ARE NOT A COFFEE FARM, WE ARE A COFFEE GARDEN.We produce limited amounts of each of our coffee botanical varieties and sell them to the most discerning roasters in the world.Why the name Coffee diversa?.. because we thought this was the name that most adequately reflects the nature of our garden, Coffea diversa are the latin words for: diversity of coffees, or coffee of many diverse types.